Majestic garage sponsered fur n feather We would like to thank Alec Johnson of majestic garage
Catching carp f1 carp and silvers made up the catches for sponsoring the competition and Jane
 at the weekend for this years winner Simon Holmes at the middle house for doing the catering
1st Simon Holmes majestic garage. 50.10.0 and lastly a big thanks to everyone who competed on the day 
2nd josh brown moorfields. 43.8.0
3rd Duncan fielder moorfields 35.10.0
4th Alec Johnson majestic garage 24.4.0
5th Andy waters moorfields 23.4.0
6th mike Lumley marshlands 22.0.0
Winner of the best catch of silvers was 
Andy waters 18.0.0
Winner of biggest fish was 
Josh brown 8.14.0